Product Dimension W555 x D555 x H870 x SH480 mm  
Product Dimensions W540 x D560 x H810 x SH450 mm
A suitable update for restaurants, homes or just about any dining or living space, the Argus collection is handsomely designed to consider style and comfortable seating experience.  Made for modern interiors, this collection is manufactured from...
Product Dimension W525 x D450 x H870 x SH450 mm  
Audrey was conceived when the design team aimed to achieve daily comfort while maintaining the essence of a beautiful furniture piece. Producing the chair meant that its wooden frames were to suit the ergonomic needs of its users while its full fabric...
Curved rectangular arm rests and backrests provide a graceful accent to a rather solid layout of the Beatrice arm chair. High quality cushioned fabric and PVC color options are readily available to allow freedom of personal style.  The fabrics...
Available in its subtle tone colors, the Beverly chair is an invitation for a luxurious, deep seating. Its curved back rest creates an ergonomic posture while the fabric highlights its luxurious seating experience. Beverly chairs also have a distinct...
Making reference to the retro days while in line with today's furniture fashion, the Celeste chair completes your requirements of comfortable seating, sophistication and trend.  The distinct angular structure of the chair is softened by its curved...
Product Dimension W500 x D525 x H820 x SH460 mm  
Product Dimension W410 x D510 x H780 x SH470 mm  
A furniture that features its distinct personality, the Collie chair plays with several types of high-quality cushions and fine fabrics or PVC to keep one's seating at its most comfortable level. Either on a set or individual, the collection...
Product Dimension W465 x D590 x H865 mm  
Product Dimension W570 x D465 x H900 x SH460 mm  
Product Dimension W555 x D560 x H790 x SH440 mm  
Product Dimension W590 x D570 x H770 x SH450 mm  
Product Dimension W540 x D540 x H760 x SH450 mm  
Product Dimension W510 x D540 x H850 x SH460 mm  
Product Dimension W550 x D580 x H780 x SH440 mm  
Product Dimension W505 x D470 x H750 x SH420 mm  
Product Dimension W585 x D630 x H880 x SH400 mm